Types of Home Inspections Central Florida Home Buyers Should Know

Types of Home Inspections Central Florida Home Buyers Should Know

Most Floridians home buyers and real estate agents know that a home inspection comes pretty standard when buying or selling a home. What may be a little surprising to new home buyers or sellers, is that there are multiple kinds of home inspections and many are especially important when it comes to purchasing a home in the Tampa – St. Petersburg region. If you’re purchasing a home in Florida, the following are a few additional inspections you should ask for when hiring a home inspection company. 

Sewer Scope Inspections

Although it is not required in Florida law to get a sewer camera inspection, we cannot stress enough how much stress and money you can save by getting one done.

Sewer Scope Inspection, Tampa, FL

A sewer scope is a visual inspection using a tiny camera to “scope out” the lateral sewer line leading from the house to the city or HOA tap or septic tank. A sewer scope can reveal major issues like blockages, damage, backflow and other problems. It’s especially important to check out your house if it was built pre-1985. Nearly all houses built before 1985 have cast iron pipes and will most likely need extensive repair, if not replacement. A sewer scope inspection report will give you a clear view of what potential issues may arise in the near future.

Mold Inspections

If you live in Florida, you know that humidity equals mold. Mold can easily cause foundation issues, structural issues, and health issues. Those who suffer from regular respiratory infections, allergies and asthma absolutely need to ask their agents and/or their inspection company about mold testing.

As a “Mold Assessor,” Coast2Bay Inspections is specifically licensed to sample molds in residential buildings and provide a mold inspection report that tells you whether there is any mold present, what type of mold it is and how extensive the damage is. 

Radon Testing

Did you know that nearly 20% of Florida homes have radon levels above the EPA safety level? And why do you need to worry about that? Well, although it’s invisible, tasteless and has no odor, radon is a deadly carcinogen and a known cause of lung cancer. Not exactly something you want in your new home. 

Radium is naturally found in Florida’s soil, but when it breaks down, radon is released into the air, seeping into your foundations and eventually “pooling” in your house. It is up to you as a buyer (or agent) to make sure a radon test is done by a professional home inspector. 

Our inspectors can make sure radon levels are below dangerous levels and tell you how to mitigate the radon if there are potential issues. 

Pool Inspections 

Last, but not least, your real estate agent or you as the buyer should ask for a pool inspection if one is on the property (and that’s a lot of homes in the Tampa area!) The average cost of a pool inspection absolutely pales in comparison to the costs you might find yourself facing without one. 

A pool inspection can reveal potential issues found in such things as the elevation of the deck surface, functionality of the pool pump, filter and heater, safety features, pool structure inside and out, and general infrastructure. 

So before you buy a house with a pool, get it inspected, so it doesn’t become a money pit! 

Water damage, structural issues, health concerns and more can all be avoided with detailed inspections and reports from a qualified home inspector. Coast2Bay Inspection Services is qualified to handle all of the above inspections, serving all of mid-Florida, from Tampa to St. Petersburg. Schedule your inspection today!