Certified Professional Inspectors

You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.

Our team has been serving clients in the Tampa Bay area, like you for years with complete satisfaction!

What makes Coast2Bay Inspection Services different?

It is our FOCUS on enhancing the old Traditional Methods and Standards of Inspections with all the newest technology and certifications to give you a “Full Picture of the House including “Seeing thru Walls and Floors to get the HIDDEN TRUTH of the Homes Health.”

We utilize Closed Caption TV line scopes to inspect:

Air Duct Health and Quality Inspection– This can save $1,000-$10,000’s by detecting infested, blocked, or damaged Ductwork BEFORE you BUY or SELL.

The Health of your Air Ducts is THE HEALTH OF YOUR FAMILY’S LUNGS.

“A recent client had $4,000 of Air Duct Damage that was discovered during the inspection via CCTV Scope. They were able to successfully negotiate a reduced price.”

Main Sewer Line Scope Inspection – It does not matter if the house is new or old, Whatever is hidden underfoot will cost 1,000-10,000’s to repair.

Older Cast Iron Pipes collapse due to age and expected lifetime (approx.. 30 years)

All Pipes can be compromised due to roots or ground movement, animals, human error and negligence.

“I saved a client a house by discovering the Main Sewer Drain was comprised of a Post WWII organic material that had failed near the City Connection.”

Mold Sampling and Indoor Air Quality Inspection.

Mold is common, indoors and outdoors.

Florida is a Tropical Environment heavily soaked with moisture, and this moisture can wreak havoc on a houses structure and inhabitants.

Mold= Moisture+Food(Organic Material)+Oxygen

Thru the Air Quality and Moisture Intrusion Inspection, our team is able to make recommendations of further testing, repairs and remediations to eliminate/prevent mold growth.


Andrew Lee CPI Tamp Florida Home Inspector
Andrew Lee
InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector
  • Over 2 Years Residential Inspections Experience
  • Over 200 Hours Training & Certification
  • 20 Years Renovation & Remodeling Experience