Can you Fail a Home Inspection?

Can you Fail a Home Inspection?

You’ve searched for months for a new home in central Florida and after looking at what feels like dozens of houses, you think you’ve found the perfect home. You and your real estate agent have put in an offer and, guess what? They’ve accepted! Now you know you just have to hire a professional home inspector and soon you’ll be settled. But something nags at you.

What if the home inspection report comes back “bad?” What if there are multiple major issues? Worst of all, what if the house “fails” the home inspection?

The Long Answer

While there’s no grading system for a home inspection report, there are certainly many issues that can arise to ward off potential buyers like you. Here are some of the most common issues that will result in a bad home inspection report.

  1. Faulty Foundations

Did you know a foundation repair can average around $5,000? That’s no drop in a bucket. Besides costs, structural issues like shifting ground, cracks in walls and doorways, lack of reinforcement, and more are huge safety concerns and typically require major repairs.

  1. Plumbing Issues

While most of the time it’s minor repairs like a leaky faucet or slow drain, leaky pipes can turn into cross-contamination issues (where say your drinking water somehow crosses with your backflow water–big no-no,) old piping or air conditioning issues, which can then lead to water damage, which can then lead to…

Mold, Home Inspections, Central Florida

  1. Mold Issues

As Floridians, we’re no stranger to mold, but when it comes to black mold, or really any other type of mold, health concerns arise. Depending on the current condition of the house and water damage, mold has the potential to spread rapidly through a house. 

  1. Roofing Issues

Leaky roof, old roof, damaged roof, most potential home buyers know this will lead to costly repairs. Signs of water damage can mean anything from a single shingle out of place to a sagging ceiling. Guess how much a new roof can cost you? On average, $7,000. Yikes. 


While this is just a short list of common issues that can result in red flags on a home inspection report, other things like termite damage, electrical system issues, building code violations and other safety concerns can result in a poor report. 

The Short Answer aka TLDR

Like we’ve mentioned previously a home inspection does not “pass” or “fail” a home. The decision to forego purchasing a money pit of a house (due to major mechanical, cosmetic, or structural issues) is ultimately up to you. And yes, while it may be disappointing to say goodbye to a house you thought was “it,” it’s better to walk away knowing you dodged a bullet thanks to the inspection findings. 

At Coast2Bay Inspection Services, we pride ourselves on helping you get a clearer picture of your potential home throughout the inspection process. If you plan on buying in central Florida, let us give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your next home. Schedule an appointment today!