Why You Should Choose Your Own Home Inspector vs. Your Realtor’s Suggestion

Why You Should Choose Your Own Home Inspector vs. Your Realtor's Suggestion, Tampa, FL

You’re looking to buy a new home in Florida and you know one of the most important things you can do for yourself is get a home inspection. Your very helpful real estate agent has provided you with a list of three potential inspectors and is eager for you to choose so they can continue the buying process. But something nags at you. You’ve heard you can choose your own licensed home inspector, but you’re not sure if you should go with your own choice or just go with your agent’s. What’s the difference? What’s best for you as the home buyer? 

Thankfully, you stumbled upon this article! Here are three main reasons why you should go the extra mile and choose your own qualified home inspector vs. choose from your real estate agent’s list. 

1. Conflict of interest. 

Yes, we know that most real estate agents are trustworthy and reputable people, who work diligently for you as a home buyer. However, you must keep in mind that ultimately, a realtor is getting paid to make this real estate transaction, and for some realtors, they’re just looking to make the biggest purchase. Yes, even if that means there’s a major issue with the house.

By choosing your own home inspector, know that that licensed inspector is working solely for your interest and not for the realtor. You’ll be provided with an inspection report that details all the possible home issues, regardless of how that may influence your buying decision. 

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Tampa, FL

2. Gain a better qualified home inspector. 

Oftentimes when a real estate agent provides you with a list of inspectors, these home inspectors have paid to have their businesses marketed. More repu

table inspectors may not need to pay for marketing, and/or don’t necessarily want to work with realtors. In fact, the International Association of Certified Inspectors are restricted from paying preferred vendor fees, so you won’t often find these qualified inspectors on your relator’s list.

By choosing your own Florida home inspector, you’ll more likely gain a more experienced and better certified inspector. 

3.You can ask all the questions.

Sure, you can ask your realtor’s home inspector questions, but again, they may not be as attuned to your interests as they are to your real estate agent’s. By hiring your own reputable inspector, you can ask any and all questions about the home inspection process, costs, potential issues and more, and know the home inspector has only your interests at heart. 

Great questions to ask your licensed home inspector include:

Questions like these we are happy to provide answers to here at Coast2Bay Inspection Services LLC, based in Tampa, FL (in fact, just click the links above!) It’s our duty as licensed home inspectors to provide you with the best inspection services in the industry, ensuring you get the most detailed information about your possible future home. 

Reach out to today if you’re researching home inspectors in the Tampa – St. Petersburg area. We’re here for all your questions, concerns and home inspection needs.